History and further information ((OOC))


Name: Jadzia Lisowska

Age: Looks about 26, but it's difficult to tell.

Nickname on the interne: gda_shattercrypts2397


Fun facts: Chain-smoker with a telltale voice; sometimes has violent cough attacks that lead to her spitting out lumps of something unidentifiable and vile; greasy/slimy, shiny, pale skin with a greyish tint; open sores on arms and face that sometimes drip with pus; aquiline nose, still makes mistakes when speaking English and has a strong accent.

Does NOT like to be called by her given name and will introduce herself as "Shatter".


Looks and behavior: Used to be quite beautiful and outgoing. Still has long highlighted dark blonde hair almost down to her waist (though sometimes tangled and partly wet), which is the only thing about her that stayed intact during the Embrace and behind which she sometimes hides her face. She is about 1.7 metres tall and rather slim; still chooses her clothes carefully, even though life in the sewers has put quite a strain on her wardrobe (stains, rips, tears...). She would also wear make-up, were it not for the fact that she doesn't reflect in mirrors any more. This means she doesn't know how disfigured she exactly is, she only can guess from the reactions of others. Sometimes she forgets about (or rather, represses the thought of) her repugnancy and becomes as flirtatious and seducing as she used to be when she still was human - with often very painful results.

Her Mask of a Thousand Faces mostly will look like she did when she was still alive. If she ever acquires one.

Story: Born and raised in Poland, studied informatics/computer science in Gdánsk and had just started working as a sysadmin when the Eastern Bloc shattered and the Eastern European economy started to crumble. She lost her job and couldn't find a new one that paid well enough to live on, and this was one of the reasons for her to head to USA.

There, she also couldn't find work in her old field (supposedly due to her poor English), so after a few months, she reluctantly started to work as an escort. She was quite good-looking, and so she had no problems in finding "clients", who she contacted via social networks.

She hated her "work", even though it paid well, and so she hid from her life on the Internet, discovering her penchant for encryption and how to disable it. That way she entered the hacking "subculture", making herself quite well-known over time. One evening, she stumbled upon an encrypted site that none of her attacks could decrypt. She was intrigued, poking at the code for weeks on end - until one night, when she came back from a date with a client, someone dragged her into an alley. Next thing she knew, she was waking up in a tunnel that reeked of human waste, with a throbbing headache, a thirst greater than anything she had ever known, and some guy whose face she can't remember explaining her what happened.

You just don't go and try de-crypting a (remote) part of the Nosferatu network. She only wasn't left dead in that alley because she apparently was quite skilled, and because no one would have missed her if she disappeared. To find out all his reasons, though, one would have to contact her sire.


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